Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Who we are?

Youth Dreamers Foundation aims at providing equitable access to the higher education to financially weaker sections of the society. YDF leverages more than 2000 scholarship schemes supported by the governments, philanthropists, trusts, and corporates in order to provide financial aid to the
aspiring students.

The Problem

In India, School to college dropout a ratio is 78% which majorly occurs due to financial constraints.
Contradicting, Rs 26,000 crore available for more than 1 crore seats under 2000 types of scholarship
program but strangely 93% of students do not apply in any scholarship schemes. The reasons being low awareness, the complexity of the application process, low access to application & documentation support, poor correspondence with the provider, improper selection of schemes, inability to follow-up etc.


To reduce this gap and financial barriers for the eligible students, we provide end-to-end scholarship application support through Scholarship Cells. We advise students on how to seek out and apply for scholarships, highlight the best ways to boost their chances of receiving a scholarship.