Wednesday, 11 February 2015

In 2015 KKM founded first Scholarship Cell in Gujarat.

In 2015-16 2050 underprivileged students received approx 31.80 lakhs Rupees government and non-government scholarship of Scholarship cell of Kapadwanj Kelawani Mandal in Kapadwanj Gujarat.

LIC Golden Jubilee scholarship to 4 underprivileged girls students in 2014-15 which belongs remote rural villages of Kapadwanj, Gujarat.

Youth Dreamers Foundation

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Scholarship Awareness workshop in Kapadwanj

 कपडवंज केळवणी मंडल द्वारा संचालित के एस  एंड कॉमर्स कॉलेज में ग्रेजुएशन प्रथम वर्ष एवं द्वितीय के लगभग 450 विद्यार्थिओं को स्कालरशिप की जानकारी देते हुए

Saturday, 28 June 2014

कपडवंज केळवणी मंडल द्वारा 25  विद्यार्थिओं को श्री सविता गौरी चंदूलाल स्कालरशिप 2014 , इंडियन आयल शैक्षणिक स्कालरशिप २०१४-१५  में २३ विद्यार्थिओं को २५००० प्रति छात्र प्रदान किये गए

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Youth Dreamers Foundation in Rajasthan

छात्रवृति जागरूपता अभियान झुंझुनू में    
8  जनवरी 2013  को ग्राम पंचायत ककराना उदैपुवती सरकारी विद्यालय में एक कार्यशाला आयोजित की गई जिसमे  में  करीब ६००  विद्यार्थियों ने भाग लिया जिन्हें लैपटॉप व चार्ट के माध्यम से राज्य एवं भारत की महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी सौरभ मेहरोत्रा द्वारा दी गई ,और कैरिअर कोउन्सल्लिंग पर भी छात्र एवं छात्राओ से बात हुई एवं छात्रवृति पाने के लिए किस विभाग में संपर्क किया जाये उसके तरीके से भी अवगत करवाया गया

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Scholarship Students Support Program ......

Youth Empowerment through Awareness of Scholarship

In Rajasthan
Introducing scholarship by me
In my organization by a group of students who had undergone enormous struggle to reach their goal or ambition in their career. I want to make students aware of various scholarship schemes of government which can help them have a good career. I want to form a linkage between government and rural areas where scholarships become easily accessible to the needy students.

Most of the youths have no awareness about their rights and Irregular teachers in schools effects learning of students. There are youths who cannot afford to study due to lack of finance and also unaware of scholarships
February 6,2013 conduct a workshop in Government Higher secondary school Gudha, and Kakrana near chaoufalia with class 10th to 12th , Did a one-month Personal Project on Scholarship Awareness to increase the three Government school in Gudha Gorji Tehsil, District Jhunjhunu, and Rajasthan. I tried to make the aware During my community Project in scholarship I have spread the awareness to approx 2000 students in 3 Government school (higher secondary)about government and nongovernment organization Scholarship schemes. After this workshop students have started a gradual thought process about scholarships and asked me “Meri Maa Vidhava, Vradha hai kya unke liye koi  Vradha Pension Yojana, Viklang yojana hai sarkar dwara”.
Kakrana Udaipurwati Jhunjhunu (Raj)
On 29/01/13  Awareness program will try to organized workshop with 1000 students 11th&12th class of different stream in the government schools Main objective of this program to give information of Scholarship offered by Government and Non-government institutions in Rajasthan.

Build Understanding on Different types of Scholarship

Student Scholarship Support Scholarship  Programme (SSSP)

  • 4 Government secondary school of Gudha tehsil in Jhunjhunu District Rajasthan.
  • 3500 student have participated the in a programme.
  • Apply for various scholarships schemes under state government /Central Government and various trust and foundations without any fee.
  • Provide information of scholarship and create the data bank of various scholarships and create scholarship students welfare club in  government schools in Gujarat.

Champaklal Navchetan Vidyalaya  (C.N) Kapadwanj

Shree Jeen Astha Trust founder Mr.Pradeep bhai Teli and Mrs.Neelaben Pandya is distributed 30 scholarships of C.N.Vidhyalaya Higher secondary school student of Kapadwanj. Those Underprivileged students provided financial support (1500 Rs.) per students Rs. 50,000 by the help of Mr.Saurabh mehrotra Scholarship Cell Kapadwanj Kelawani Mandal in September 2014.

Scholarship Given By Trustees Mrs.Neelaben Pandya of Kapadwanj Kelawani Mandal and Principal P.B.Patel of 



Tuesday, 31 July 2012


Who we are?

Youth Dreamers Foundation aims at providing equitable access to the higher education to financially weaker sections of the society. YDF leverages more than 2000 scholarship schemes supported by the governments, philanthropists, trusts, and corporates in order to provide financial aid to the
aspiring students.

The Problem

In India, School to college dropout a ratio is 78% which majorly occurs due to financial constraints.
Contradicting, Rs 26,000 crore available for more than 1 crore seats under 2000 types of scholarship
program but strangely 93% of students do not apply in any scholarship schemes. The reasons being low awareness, the complexity of the application process, low access to application & documentation support, poor correspondence with the provider, improper selection of schemes, inability to follow-up etc.


To reduce this gap and financial barriers for the eligible students, we provide end-to-end scholarship application support through Scholarship Cells. We advise students on how to seek out and apply for scholarships, highlight the best ways to boost their chances of receiving a scholarship.