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About Us
Youth dreamers formed in 2015 under License under section 8 (1) of the Companies Act, 2013 by a group of persons from different places with different values and fields who had undergone enormous struggle to reach their goal or ambition in their career. They decided to come together and support the upcoming youth by providing them guidance and financial aid to help them reach their goal and changing the face of thousands of youth.

Providing economical and cognitive support through grass roots initiative to underprivileged children, youth as a pillar of support for civil society. 

Creating opportunities through financial aid for children and youth by conciliating government schemes.


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Scholarship Students Support Programme

Youth Empowerment through Awareness of Scholarship

In Rajasthan In my organization by a group of students who had undergone enormous struggle to reach their goal or ambition in their career. I want to make students aware about various scholarship schemes of government which can help them have a good career. I want to form a linkage between government and rural areas where scholarships becomes easily accessible to the needy students. —Most of the youths have no awareness about their rights and Irregular teachers in schools effects learning of students. There are youths who cannot afford to study due to lack of finance and also unaware about scholarships
February 6,2013 conduct a workshop in Government Higher secondary school Gudha,and Kakrana near chaoufalia with class 10th to 12th ,Did a one month Personal Project on Scholarship Awareness to increase the three Government school in Gudha Gorji Tehsil, District Jhunjhunu, and Rajasthan. I tried to make the aware During my community Project …
Shree Savita Gauri Chandulal Scholarship 2014

1650 Students of C.N.Vidhyalaya 

Spread Awareness about scholarships

In Media.....